A late 50’s girl, so I was cream
I am the child of my parents’ dream
Dressed in pink as the decade started
As my coddled, baby years departed
Maroon knits from Nana’s hands
Ready for school and Alice bands
Brown and green on muddy knees
From capers in the mud and trees!
As my Mum became unwell
A gingham apron served me well
Studious teen in red and black
But after homework: party hack!
Loons and crochet, hearts and flowers
Multi-coloured chatty hours
45s and Top10 hits
Glitterballs and swinging hips
Into College, blue depression
Learned myself a good Life lesson
Onward to my working years
Green, in experience and with fears

Life began again for me
Multifaceted reverie
Colours leap and cast their hue
Tinge my dreams and mind’s review
Like McLean’s songs, life has brought
A Tapestry of battles fought
Now the sight is less-well honed
I see the colours as I’ve grown:
In confidence and age, I know
My children wear the coat, that shows
Its’ many colours to the World
I wish them Courage to be as bold

©shilyot 08October2015 #Octpowrimo Colours

Freedom 7-1


Freedom can’t be valued without boundaries. How can freedom be defined except by looking at parameters? Walk from the front door, from your haven, your domain; free-run: thoughts, legs, aspirations. Into the wide weather-tossed beyond. Cyclical seasons, chronological conundrum: freedom counted in miliseconds, bounded by lengthening shadows that deprive us from the light to see forward.

All parameters
Walk from the front-door, free-run
Legs and aspitations

©shilot Freedom #octpowrimo7-1 07October2015



We followed the yellow-brick road
Packed our bags and brought our brood
Driving into the West
Definitely for the Best
In our home in the West

We left our friends behind
The sadness stayed in our mind
Living in the West
It was time to invest
A lifetime in the West

Now we’ve been here years
The happiness defeated fears
Of surviving in the West
The life is just the Best
Living in the West

©shilyot Jump 07October2015 #octpowrimo

Showing Up


Concave colours crown the heaven
Rimmed with effervescent stars
Showing up

Perpendicular shafts ring to the sky
Framing the world of birds
Showing up

Whip-crack as the line snakes waterward
The fly, skitters to the trout
Showing up

Delta wing soaring chasing rainbows
Tethering the clouds
Showing up

Supine, I ‘fract the light between my fingers
Ethereal air, solid earth beneath
Conjoined within me
I’ll just keep on
Showing up

©shilyot ShowingUp #octpowrimo 04-1October2015

Myst it


I knew, from the mists
That it was time,
I missed it

I sensed, from the mould
That it was time
I failed to behold

I heard, from the ether
That it was time
I wasn’t a seeker

Now, I am here
Through the mists, mould and ether
I am here

©shilyot MystIt 04October2015



Let the light in
Take up Arms
Wield your saw
Just keep calm.

Parry, defend
Into Attack!
Knife is to butter
As saw is to —-

Leaf confetti
Woodchip floor
Verdant dust
Surrounds my maw.

Of itchy dirt
Rhimes my eyebrows
Lips and shirt.

Taking on the
garden hedge
Autumnal chore
I will allege

Becomes a battle
(Not a chore)
The size of which
I can’t ignore

The benefit
Of my endeavours
Is a view
Across the meadows.

©shilyot Endeavours 26September2015


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