For Those

An empty page in my diary
Ready for the woes
Of those
I meet

A busy head, full of plans
Promises of help
For those
I treat

A smiling face wreathed
with hope, alert
From those
I greet

An aching heart, uplifted
With emotion
For those

©shilyot30august2015 For Those


The night unravels
Sleep knitted tight
Upon a busy day
Wricks and wracks
Until in disarray


Woven squares
Wefted into pattern
Shhhhlp into a Ravel
Curlicules of life
A mess: I marvel


Sleep elludes
Cruel thoughts
Cloud, prod and hustle
The nirvanah of peace
I hear it, sideways, bustle


Tapestry of threads
Colours of many hues
Vivid reds to creams
Fill my waking thoughts,
Why not my dreams?


Pick up my knitting pins
My crochet hooks of steel
Weave and loop a new lullaby
Tonight I must dream
With the strength of a baby

©shily 06August15 Unravelling

Devon’s Hot Spots

I didn’t ask you to stay

It is your choice to head this way

Why do you fret and wander, so?

Now is the time to stop: Go Slow.

Devon life is not a dash

(Except for us that clean and wash)

Your time is Now, step off the Mill

Sit, watch, make your mind go still

So what if the WiFi isn’t fast

The life without, has been, it’s passed

Before, we coped without the Web

Down ere in Debon, we be the Reb

The broadest band that we can reach

Is the one that lies between sky and beach

The only webs that hold our eye

Are the spider ones that edge the sky

Blackberries blacken every hedge

And cost us little (never a wedge)

Providers at the farmer-yard gate

Sell food and fruit, not signal, Mate!

Devon’s beauty is in the eye

Take a look, don’t pass it by!

See the power and the might

Forget the giga and the mega byte

Peace and plenty, sandy decks

No messaging, Bluetooth or lengthy texts

Whether Devon Virgin or blue Sky-thinkers

Don’t walk about, as if wearing blinkers

Beauty is round every corner

( but watch your speed, or you’ll be a mourner)

Devon’s hot spots are plain to see

But they’re all calling without BT!

©shilyot 01August2015 Devon’s Hot Spots

To Day


I face challenges in different ways
Sometimes this changes day by day
Dip deep
Into my Soul
My skin is thin, Today.
With It
Laid back, Tomorrow.
Caution to the wind, Yesterday.
Your troubles in a

©shilyot ToDay 23July15

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