Reflection of the wintry sky
Silver shimmers in my eye
Tiny cascades ripple through
Opalescent saltine pools

Demerara sand appears
Crusted round the rocks and piers
Brittle shells creak and craze
As sea mist brings a subtle haze

Elephantine bastion rock
Protect the place where trawlers dock
Multi-coloured wooden doors
A simple shed that offers more

Beach huts rime the chilly pool
Liquid silver, you don’t fool!
Hardy souls will enter in
The Winter turns to beaten tin

The Summer Leaze will hasten on
But till that Time we’ll chase the sun
The Spring will have much to prove
Winter Bude brings much to love

©shilyot Bude 16January2016



Together, yet,
The words swirl with his breath
My ears inhale
Their membranes suffuse
With sound.

The sights thrown with meaning
My eyes pummeled
The images intense
With light.

Pressuring me with his prescence
Cajoling with his sounds
Showing me the intensity of his being

More than the some of its’ parts
Or less?

©shilyot 06January2016 Together

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Seeking comfort in a warming bed
The Elder’s reason rang in my head
Returning to the linen womb
To the place where love did bloom

Blanket roofed with mattress floor
Hide from strangers at the door
Still the memories linger on
Although the loved one’s passed and gone

©shilyot Solace 02January2016

Turning night into day

The lamp above my head
Flickers, dies: I read
The wind tattoos its’ motto
On the wall of the garden grotto
Connected to the World
Beyond my orb of cold
Blanket, muffles the warmth
Between leg and earth

Coils of thought
Unwind through my finger
Sleep taps on the inside
Of my weary eye

©shilyot 24December2015 turning night into day

Don’t Worry

Behind the ‘don’t worry’ lies ‘help me’ to understand

My body fails, this tremor never stills my shaking hand

The visions that I see are rarely there

Even of the ones who deeply care

My Love has gone and left me so bereft

I want to be the one who stands to her left

My eye does not behold a young me

In the mirror an older man, I see

The voices in my head echo and dim

These blessed aids create nothing but a din

My time is counted year by year

The time we were together is so long ago, My Dear

I wish for Life to let me slip away

But Love for family keeps this wish at bay.


©shilyot 21December2015 Don’t Worry







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