Chasing my tail

Today: best forgotten?
It has been rather rotten
Alarmed awake
For goodness sake
It can’t be time for work!

It seemed an uneventful day
I’ve had a lovely holiday
But then a hole deigned to appear
(In my front tyre, not the rear)
At least I didn’t crash

After that I had to rush
My diary dates had formed a crush
Around the time of Noon
A lunch-break would be such a boon
Perhaps I’ll soon catch-up

So here I am, taking a break
It’s now around half past eight
There’s a pile of work still left to do
But something has got to go
Tomorrow will be soon enough

©shilyot 20/10/2014

Never Six Till Shouting

She’s allowed
You know she is!

One day she will be six
With assistance
She will be a young lass,

Police hunting
August and Django
In a ravine on Thursday

(The clock ticks: he breathes)

Her father said..
Bipolar and a stroke
She couldn’t settle

(The water heater springs to life
He clears his throat)

Our bags were going to end
But there’s no alternative.

Scenes from a breakfast monologue

©shilyot 17/10/14

Once upon a time: stone hewers


A path trod

12th century masons
Hewing mighty glyphs
of Portland Isle.

Plebian pacification:

Cathedrals of stone
Worshipping in abbeys
Statements of oppression
Palaces and castles

Echoing with dole and plain song
Oppressive with incense and tallow smoke
Pomp and ceremony: the stallions lead the way.


I burrow, but bunny, I am not
The tallow: I wear upon my brow
Lighting, guttering as I crawl to set the charge

The seer sings out, his song plain to hear
The doleful blast deafens me
The incense I smell is bitter, gritty

Pasted in concretion, fossilised in time

I wait.

Logs hewn to bear the rolling load
Equine burden chained
I drive them on
For fear drives me.

My life is tolled by the stones
England is told by them still.

@shilyot 16/10/2014

Halfway #OctPoWriMo

Sometimes a poem comes to me
It flows, like blood
Through my mind
To pass to my heart

Sometimes I chew around the thought
Its’ essence
Into my being

The words take motion
Onto the page
Until the ether
Floats them away

©shilyot 15/10/2014


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