I can’t feel


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I can’t know who you love
I can’t feel the depth of your loss
There is no way, from above
There is no way to find a gloss
To put upon your sadness.

I can only add to your feeling
I can only hope to release you from your loss
There is a way, from a higher being
There is a way: you can be the boss
And capture your sadness

I can only wish you peace
I can only think you free
There is the way, your pain to ease
There is the way, it’s plain to see
Encompass: live with gladness.

For SH, in your grief.

©shilyot 20Dec204



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The pencilled brow defined the eye

The lashes lifted reason

The stare: how? I wonder why

The motive: was pure treason.

Bewitched! Beware

That subtle stare will shake the earth around

The glance, the nuance and her air

Will make emotions pound.

@shilyot 20Dec2014



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Crushed and brushed
to one side
led to the woods…

it was a W I D E path
Spore dropped

The footprints indistinct
in the long grass.

But the path led me on … and …. on …

Into the briars and brush
at the ED  DSC00188
DSC00188    GE of the wood
Forcing through, I found my quarry.

My shadow merged with the shadows of the trees
My voice shouted, with the birds, to the breeze
LOOK! what I HAVE FOUND!!!!!
Then… without a sound
It slipped into the gloom.


@shilyot 20Dec2014

Reflections of Christmas Future


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A Christmas tree
Me: Reversed; juxtaposed
Window: looking in; from within.
Reflected, wreathed with Christmas lights

A money plant; RC timepiece

Christmas: Present
Laid on the tiled floor
Small pyramids not worthy of the recipients
Tokens, totemic of our family love

Christmas: Past
Baubles from the ages
One family’s past conjoined with another
Making, mixed emotions of our family

Christmas: Future
Seeds, pineatus
Planted apart, but together: a forest grows
Ethereal, evolution of our family future

Christmas: Traditions
Grow from yesterday, today and tomorrow


Christmas Child


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Haphazard tumblings,
jumble of belongings
Detritus of a life
Home for Christmas, Child

Wires snake across the floor
Power glitch we can’t ignore
Makes for healthy strife
For Christmas Child, home

Wrapping paper jewelled bits
Scattered, confetti foil glitz
Scissors, pen and knife
Christmas, Child, for home

Artists’ brushes, decorations
Tree and presents for relations
Bagpipe sounds, with fife
Child, for home: Christmas




He storms into the room
Throwing “liar” into the gloom

The noises of her tears
Grow bitter to his ears

The rampant urge to strike
Mutant thief armed with a pike

A seed of pity lurks
Sown with redemption: jerks

Upon the nerves exposed and raw
Anger’s consumption gnaw

Within the caverns of their life
the ‘Vestige Love’ begins to strive

Revival in its’ potent state

Brings a calmness, through their hate.

@shilyot 08Dec2014

Icy Heart


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ice heart

My beating heart is stilled

Sharp, shards

stifle its’ turbulence.

Winter’s breath.

Zephyrs of cool

ethereal energy

Engorge the surface of my reason.

My dimensions flatten:

friability fails

Fragility fleetingly flares

Life returns

Winter is no more

My Heart remains

impressed upon your mind.

@shilyot 02Dec2014

Antique Lace


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A modern twist

Leather gloves
Pewter mug and silver spoon
Vintage dress and cloves
Smell of rose attar

Push pins
Smug pugs
Grinning from the
Modern cabinet of fun

Milky white lace
Imbued with love’s labour
Bottom drawer, camphorated
Linen, laid upon the table
Granny’s best

Hat, fine feather bedecked
Retro-spin Saturday
Pop art frock
Won from the rails of time

©shilyot 30Nov2014


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