Poetic Personality


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I read a blog about personality

Not sure how I’m perceived to be:

In poetry: I express myself:

1. That little bit of me hidden on the shelf

The book that hides behind other tomes

2. The ‘knowledgeable bint’ that often roams

Dispensing opinions with aplomb

(Occasionally, though I drop a bomb)

3. A nosy broad, who should ‘butt out’

“But why should I?” I grin, then pout

4. Sympathetically, empathy abounds

Professionally: I know no bounds

5. I bring some wisdom, mirth and spite

To know me: you’ll soon put me right

6. But most of all, I can honestly say

You’ll get what you give: if you choose to stay

7. Importantly, Loyalty reigns: In the Kingdom of ‘Me’

So how do YOU rate my poetic personality?

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Prompt, response

Blackguard, masquarading as Black Beard
Operatic baritone that should be heard

Swine dancing upon pearls, whilst spinning silken purse
Hair drawn from the glossy tail of the rocking horse

Cleave the stone to take the magician’s sword
Arthur’s Axe is laid to rest, Excaliber’s drawn

Poor, scuff before his gate, their minds in pain
The People’s King, supports Revolt within his rein

Great Forebears and Antecedent pave the way
The Machine of State takes much to pay

Amoral (neither moral nor immoral) cannot be
The Truth of Camelot: the Holy See


Wordle Me This #TheReverie


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shiver like a jelly on a plate
jittering bug, as I wait to eat
swollen bluebottle: sits on the Gel

mask of the underworld upon its’ shell
basement steps take the mess
whiskey in the Jar (I must confess)
obituary, I will write: bug’s RIP dead
curtain upon my feelings: it must be said
consolation, so sad, I do not feel
s’way and that: as I grope and reel
tumbling tears at the sudden loss
restless leg syndrome, in bed I toss
expectations: unmet: there’s no party
denial. It wasn’t me!!

@shilyot 18Nov2014



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Words, thoughts, ideas
Sparrows between nests
Dust bathers
Noisely demanding notice

Touching the fringes
Of my consciousness

Sounds, sentiments, chords
Robin round rubicund
Challenging the garden

Echoes, ringing
Auditory shadows remembered

Scents, perfumes, motes
King Blackbird
Encircling the meadows with melody



Beginnings echoes mesh


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I realise I need to bring
A beginning to the tale.
Tryptch of poems spring
But first I must prevail

Upon your patience, I will beg,
That you will hear me out?

Thunderous powder-keg
Of anger: bloody gobs and gout

A wager, bet and gambling
Tempers freyed and raised
Simple drunken rambling
So no-one is amazed

Discourse between brothers
A family dispute
In spite of one another
A pair of feist brutes

The reason for this anger
Is lost in family annals
And there is the danger
It all is so banal

The outcome is recorded
Together they survived
With thought and time afforded
Their relationship revived
©shilyot 16Nov2014

Echoes of brutality


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Chip chop chip chop
Rolling with the punches
Heel leads pepper
As right hook crunches

Dancing with Death
Cranium rattles
Grey matter bruised
Combatants battle

Cut to the brow
Blow to the pinna
Sweat sprays about
Life blood grows thinner

Shout for your life
The end is in sight
Watch for the knife
..and pray you can fight.



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